Embrace change and grow to greatness.

The most successful leaders accept change and leverage resources to help their teams thrive.

Every successful business is built on overcoming adversity. You are smart, you are savvy, and you need the job done right.

My goal is to help you weather the challenges of adversity in your business and industry.

I equip you with the tools you need through one-on-one consultation and strategic planning. Schedule a call to tell me about your work and we can start collaborating.


Changes can boost or damage your organization. The difference is how you manage the change.

Organizations and companies are experiencing a period of transformation. From high staff turnover to rapid technology development, change can leave you feeling paralyzed. I can help your team adapt.

I specialize in change management to help you over the bumps in the road. Whether it's an expansion, a new campaign, or a company transition that needs attention, I'm here to help get you moving again.

My mission is to help leaders to achieve their goals through clear, implementable actions. I will work with you to find solutions that meet your needs and your business needs.

Take the time now to complete a project inquiry and reason for seeking support.

Areas of Expertise

Brand Management

Entice your customers. Together we'll create original, compelling content and design ideas to thrill your target market.

Campaign Management

Hit a home run. Let's draw up a detailed plan that you can count on to make your project a success.

Communication Systems

Communicate your brand. We'll team up to harness both internal and external messaging to tell your story effectively.

Leadership Guidance

Own your potential. We'll work together to design a step-by-step plan using your unique strengths and skills to move you forward.

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Let's chat to get your team back on track.

Get in touch to schedule a free consultation. We'll discuss what are the most pressing issues, any additional concerns, and uncover best case outcomes for resolution.

Amber is one of the best program managers, leaders, and workers I have ever seen. She is very self-directed and self-motivated. She is well-organized and is a tireless worker. Her judgment is excellent. She is a rare individual that performs well in any situation.

- Gary Simon, Chairman, CleanStart Inc.

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Meet Amber Harris

I've been leading companies and non-profits towards greatness for 15 years.

With an MBA in Policy and Planning and years of experience working with diverse stakeholders, I have the knowledge and network to help leaders, businesses and organizations to achieve their greatest potential.

Proficient in business development, operations, networking, community outreach and growth strategies, I smooth the way to your next stage. You’ve come to the right place.

I look forward to talking with you about your business

Amber is a rare combination of capability, talent, intelligence, and vision. I've seen her execute up close and watched with admiration at how adept she is at large-scale vision to execution. She's bold, focused, and self-aware. She is top shelf."

- Tracy Saville, CEO, Silver Lion Farms

Amber is a brilliant project manager and a pleasure to work with. She is focused on specifics while being aware of the bigger picture, and can work on many dimensions with many people at once. She excellently facilitates communication and coordination between teams, and diligently follows all issues to the end. 

-Terence Tuhinanshu, Software Engineer, Azavea

We asked Amber to think through our revenue model, validate several of our assumptions, and run out numbers for three different scenarios. Now we are much more confident in our business strategy and our product-market fit. 

-Anna Sadovnikova, CEO, LiquidGoldConcept

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Discover the best solutions to your most pressing concerns.

Let's schedule a free consultation call. I'll uncover ways I can help smooth the bumpy road. During our initial consultation we'll uncover problem areas and goals for resolution.